Our Vision

Instep aims to be New Zealand's leader in the design and provision of the world's best standards and practice of innovative behavioural healthcare and performance solutions to New Zealand workplaces.

Our Mission

Instep designs and provides innovative behavioural healthcare solutions for New Zealand workplaces in order to improve individual and business performance.

Our Guiding Principles and Values

  1. Relationships - We are passionately focused on people above all, creating relationships that make a difference for all our clients, staff, partners and investors.
  2. Employees - We are committed to creating an environment of stretch, excitement, informality and trust for our employees. We will reward improvement and celebrate success. We will provide opportunities for professional and personal development, prizing intellectual capital and encouraging contribution.
  3. Partners - We are committed to building and strengthening relationships with referral agents by continually adapting and improving our services to best meet their needs.
  4. Quality - We will live excellence in quality service provision, delivering a seamless system of affordable services, demonstrated by meaningful measures of enhanced client success.
  5. Innovation and Flexibility - We will act in a boundaryless fashion, always searching for the best ideas to make a timely response to client and market needs.
  6. Ethics - We will provide the highest quality care embracing the values of integrity, compassion, responsibility, privacy and clinical excellence.
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