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Investors In People
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Instep offers seamless case management at over 75 offices nationwide in conjunction with the recognised counselling skills of Relationships Aotearoa and 140 other clinical specialists.

Instep is affiliated with The Giggles, a organisational wellbeing company that delivers effective stress prevention solutions for organisations and their employees through experiential workshops, combining unconditional laughter and positive psychology.

Instep is affiliated with PPC Worldwide to provide international coverage for wellness services. PPC provides Employee Assistance Programmes in Australia for business, government and trade unions. PPC operates in 90 countries with a network of over 200 offices and agents.

Instep is affiliated with Mindfulness Training to broaden the scope of services offered to our clients. Mindfulness is an evidence-based approach which assists people to effectively manage attention, boost mental fitness and access sustainable wellbeing.

Instep is affiliated with Investors in People New Zealand who accredit organisations that meet the international Investors in People standard in business improvement. The IIP standard is a tool designed to advance an organisation's performance through its employees, giving a framework to ensure that employees can reach their true potential.

Salusora is a joint venture between Instep, Investors in People Australia and Investors in People NZ that delivers the acclaimed Investors in People Health & Wellbeing Good Practice Award in both countries. The Award is an international quality standard that measures the effectiveness of an organisationís health and wellbeing programme.

BSSNZ is a joint venture between Instep and BSS Corporate Psychology in Australia that provides tailored Fitness for Work Programmes to corporate and industrial sectors. These programmes include fatigue management, alcohol and other drugs, supervisor and mental health in the workplace training. All participants receive a personal comprehensive manual which includes a number of relevant personal assessments and recommended interventions.

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